Support Groups


Our offerings include:

  • postpartum – Rose Huber will be providing different modalities to cope with different postpartum issues. From mommy make-over to mommy and me yoga, different activities will be discovered and utilized (as well as a normal postpartum support groups).
  • antepartum
  • perimenopausal
  • menopausal
  • weight loss – We will be leading weight loss support groups, providing consultations to learn how to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle.

All the support groups will be utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach. Please contact our office for more information.


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Rosemary Huber
Rosemary A. Huber, LPC

Rosemary is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She graduated from Fairfield University with a Master of Arts in Counseling in 2007. Rosemary’s style of counseling includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with an emphasis on helping clients be their best selves. CBT focuses on the development of healthy coping strategies as well as changing unhelpful thought and behavior patterns.
Women today are juggling more than even and whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship or family difficulties, grief and loss, there is help available. Rosemary works with clients providing a confidential yet collaborative approach.

mary jo vasquez
MaryJo P. Vasquez, Ph.D.
Dr. Vasquez, a Fairfield County Clinical Psychologist, provides individual and group psychotherapy for adolescents and adults facing life’s challenges.  With a doctorate in clinical psychology, Dr. Vasquez is uniquely qualified to help individuals adjust to challenges using scientifically proven psychological methods in a supportive, collaborative, and compassionate manner.  She specializes in helping people cope with various types of trauma, including diagnosis and treatment of serious illness, infertility and loss.  In addition to psychotherapy, Dr. Vasquez also provides psychodiagnostic and psychoeducational testing.